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All Guilds Meeting - August 2014

With Mysterium behind us, it was time to finally have this month's All Guilds Meeting!  This one was packed with all kinds of info about what went on at last week's fan-led convention, as well as updates in the cavern as well.  Of course, no AGM summary would be complete without the obligatory raw and cleansed chatlogs.

Here's a condensed version of what happened...known far and wide as a "summary": laugh

Calum Traveler - Mysterium Attendee

Cal was up first to talk about this year's Mysterium, which he himself attended and enjoyed.  He included many personal anecdotes of his time there as well as brief summaries of what he saw at the presentations.  For his full tale, you can read the previously linked chatlogs or see pictures at his DeviantArt gallery.  For another recap of Mysterium's various presentations, you can read Lunanne's recently published article at The Cavern Post.

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Afalstein Reviews: Proteus

Proteus is a very strange game.  In fact, in some ways, it’s not a game so much as a virtual atmosphere.  There is no story, no conflict, and no obstacles.  What there is, however, is a beautiful, colorful world with charming music and immersive sounds.

The game places you on a gorgeous island, full of trees, mountains, a cabin, and even some ruins on the hills.  Birds fly in the trees, chickens and small woodland creatures scurry across the ground, and even flies can occasionally be seen.  Clouds flit across the horizon, rain falls, wind blows, day turns into night and back again.  It is a thoroughly realized, self-sustaining world.  

All this is rendered in the game’s deceptively simple pixelated style.  I say ‘deceptively’ because Proteus, despite its appearance, is actually a fairly graphics-intensive game.  When I first purchased it, I found it wouldn’t run on my laptop, and had to re-install on my more robust desktop.  Proteus may not have the details and textures of more popular games, but it works hard on bringing the essentials to life.  When the wind blows, the trees rustle and billow in the wind.  When the rain falls, little ripples can be seen on the surrounding ocean.  Proteus’ graphics teach the player to appreciate the world, the overall impression formed from a sunset over the ocean, rather than the thousands of individual grass stems that often make the graphics of higher-end games seem noisy. Lees meer

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2014

We're into summer now, but that's not slowing down activity in the cavern and beyond!  This month's All Guilds Meeting had its share of news, which we've recorded in our usual raw and cleansed chatlogs...as well as the accompanying summary!

Here's the latest:

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant started things off with news of the next Heritage Night.  HN VI will take place on Saturday, June 28th at 13:00 KI Time in the Heritage Night's hood.  The topic of discussion will be memorable threads/discussions from the MOUL forums from the Gametap and current eras.  He will also discuss an upcoming production of a live play in-game detailing various events from Gametap's MOUL (circa 2007) and will be looking for various actors to fill roles in a script he is writing. Lees meer

Gehn 20 Google Hangout Tonight!

The Guild of Writers is set to deploy its latest version of Gehn Shard, and like the last release, they will be having a Google Hangout so that interested explorers can listen in on the process.

They plan to start at 21:00 KI Time tonight (June 6th).  Joining them will be Doobes, whose restored Messengers' Pub will be a part of this update.

For more information, visit the GoW's event page on Google+.

afbeelding van Max

A Review of: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

A review of: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons...
Recommended!... A grandiose 9 out of 10

This game was released some time in August / September 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is developed by the Swedish Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games. It is also available on Steam. I had a go at it with the PC version from Steam and ran it on a laptop with way less specs than required for the game, on Win 7 and a 19" screen hooked to it without any problems. On a side note, this game uses the Unreal Engine 3.

In brief, this is a game you will surely remember a long time after you've done it once or twice or even more. It has an unique mood to it and an emotionally compelling narrative. The sceneries are very often of breathtaking beauty and are massive in scale. The enviroments are like they are taken from some mythology, fairytales or old folklores.
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